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Annabel's Favourite Things - 20/8/2021

Alo mates!

Inspired by Oprah's favourite things and my personal entertainment, here's a short list of some things I've been enjoying over the past few weeks!

Respect - Aretha Franklin

Watched this movie with my mum - as someone who adores Aretha Franklin, I felt that Jennifer Hudson truly did this tribute to Aretha justice.

Some of the events in the movie were absolutely horrific and I was astounded to learn about the abuse that Aretha went through, but I found the movie in itself to be done quite well. It was interesting to learn a little bit about Aretha's life.

And now after watching this, I'm somehow even more obsessed with her music :)


Started using Notion as a hub for my journaling, study notes/resources, and personal projects. It's so pretty and organised, much nicer than my old method of just spreading notes all over the place!

The Psychology Sisters Podcast

Have been a fan of this show for a few months, and listened to this episode today. A nice and chill talk on lockdown, attachment theory & conflict, authenticity, high-functioning anxiety, and more cool (well, not cool, but interesting) stuff!

Learning To Study Better

Watched a couple of videos on effective study techniques and came across these two on active recall and spaced repetition.

Basically, I found that the typical study techniques I've been using all this time (re-reading text, taking notes, highlighting) are shown to be nowhere near as powerful as using active recall together with spaced repetition.

Almond Milk Lattes

Yes, I know... such a basic and trivial thing, but we take the wins no matter how small they are :)

I've always despised almond milk in my coffee but have recently grown to now like it in sweet iced coffee. I can now save a whole $1 per carton that I would have otherwise spent on Cashew Milk, what a victory!

And that's it! A few of my favourite things over the past few weeks.

Hope you have a beautiful rest of your week filled with some of your own favourite things :)

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